How do we bring our strategy alive?
Strength of a top team depends on the quality of the interactions.
Purpose of each programme is to help participants make sense of their new business reality.
Experts are at the heart of many organisations.
The ability to "be on the balcony and in the dance".
The World We Work In is a global network of experienced facilitators and faculty, offering strategy activation, top team development and executive leadership programmes.

Strategy Activation

One of the big questions in organisations is: how do we bring our strategy alive? Mobilising people to determine and implement a strategic direction they believe in, requires that all these people get actively involved in the strategy process, intellectually and emotionally. the world we work in activates groups of 10 – 250 people around strategic questions. We unleash the individual and collective intelligence of the group through interactive methods and create a powerful process that accelerates strategy formulation and implementation. Excited people and tangible agreements are the results that create focus and energy.

Top team development

The strength of a top team depends on the quality of the interactions within the team and their stakeholders – inside and outside the organisation. Our approach to top team development invigorates connections between team members at the level of their daily practices as well as their deepest held values and beliefs. It is this emotional understanding that helps team members appreciate the differences in the team and learn to build on each others strengths to create one voice. Simultaneously we work on a clear strategy that bolsters the enthusiasm and commitment of the many others, who are not part of the team and whose energy is vital to realise success.

Leadership development programmes

Our track record in leadership development builds on our ability to make an impact on different levels through our programmes: organisational, business line, project and individual. Each programme is connected to the business through senior executive commitment and active sponsorship. Custom course work consists of real life facilitated action learning assignments rooted in the business context. World–class faculty understand the purpose of each programme: to help participants make sense of their new business reality and learn and grow as leaders. Ultimately each programme is an exciting learning experience to be part of, for everyone involved.

Professional development programmes

Specialists or experts are at the heart of many organisations. Their ability to influence decision making effectively has a dramatic impact on its competitiveness. We have partnered closely with Fortune 500 companies to design programmes that address the specific challenges of high value specialists. We have studied the career transitions and critical skills required and earned the EFMD award 2011 for an ongoing assignment to develop the trusted advisor skills of more than 2300 specialists of one of our esteemed clients through more than 105 programmes.

Executive coaching

In executive coaching the opportunity we offer is to refine your skill of reflexivity. The ability to “be on the balcony and in the dance” as an executive or professional, is rare in the daily business environment, yet crucial for your self–awareness and growth. Coaching allows you as an executive to take a different look at yourself and help you to “be the best” that you can be. Its impact is most profound if you combine a personal question with an honesty to truly explore and a commitment to make sense of the findings and grow. This growth has only been achieved if the people around you have noticed the difference in how you perform on a day-to-day basis.