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The World We Work In seeks inspiration from reading, writing and connecting around the globe and from supporting charities through our annual ‘Learning & Change Award’.

Inspiring books & articles from well known journals. Just google and you will find them. The crucial question is: Does the know-how get used? Some clips for those who prefer to ‘look at’ rather than ‘read’.

On recognizing talent

Joshua Bell’s performance in the Washington metro

Esmee Denters first you tube performance

On learning & change

Can you see it coming? How often does the team in the white shirt bounce pass the basketball in this short video clip?

Pausch: Achieving your childhood dreams (2007)

Arygis: How we teach smart people how to learn (HBR, 1991)

Ghoshal & Bartlett: The individualized corporation (1997, Random House)

On personal effectiveness

Ghoshal & Bruch: A bias for action (HBR press, 2004)

Schwartz & Mc Carthy: Manage your energy, not your time (HBR, 2007)

On strategy

Prahalad & Hamel, Competing for the future (HBR press , 1994)

Ghoshal: Building competitive advantage through people (MIT Sloan, 2002)

Gratton: Living strategy (Prentice Hall, 2000)

On leadership

Goffee & Jones: Why should anyone be led by you (HBR, 2000)

Jobs: Stanford commencement speech 2005

On culture & values

Barrett: Building a visionary organization (200)

Van Meer: The story of the lost values (2010, see writings)

Goffee & Jones: The character of the corporation (1996)

On trust

Maister: The trusted advisor (2000, Simon & Schuster)

Hughes: Building trust in professional & client relationships (2010, PHD thesis)

On networks

Cohen & Prusak: How social capital makes organizations work (2001, HBR press)

Anderson & van Wijk: The Platform Model (2010, see writings)