How to unleash collective wisdom and use it.
In business experimentation and proper reflection often lack.
Truly immerse AND observe from a distance.
Success can even breed failure.
We are only successful, if we truly transfer the ownership of the learning.
The World We Work In aspires to the virtues of natural networks: curiosity, agility, cooperation, challenge and distributed leadership amongst world-class faculty.

Use the collective wisdom in the group

A lot of intelligence about a company’s strategy and required leadership capabilities is already present in the group. The question is how to unleash it and use it effectively.

Act ourselves into a new way of thinking

All major things in our lives we have learnt from doing first and then reflecting on the effectiveness of the doing. In business experimentation and proper reflection often lack. Our programs ignite the power of collaborative experimentation and reflection to form rich and real learning experiences.

Balcony & the dance

Experimentation and ‘acting ourselves into new ways of thinking’ will only flourish if they are accompanied by rigorous reflection: You have got to be able to truly immerse yourself in the ‘dance’ AND observe yourself taking part in the dance from the ‘balcony’. Ron Heifetz came up with this metaphor to illustrate the essence of learning in a dynamic environment. Our programs always contain these moments of individual and collective reflection.

What got you here, won’t get you there

In fast changing industries, past success does not guarantee a successful future. Success can even breed failure. We use the collective thinking to see how we can anticipate industry changes, define the new business and personal leadership frontiers and thrive in the dynamically changing industry and organizational contexts.

Magic stick

Executives often project many expectations and illusions on Executive Development programs. We don’t have a magic stick. The gaps aren’t closed and the capabilities aren’t simply strengthened after the program. Our programs can only be successful, if we manage to truly pass on the ownership and responsibility for learning and change to the participant group. The company changes for the better, if their people act upon their own sense- and decision-making.