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JoEllyn Prouty McLaren

JoEllyn Prouty McLaren is a leader of human capital and culture development to improve performance at every level. She works with organizations, teams and individuals to design performance enhancing, strategic talent management solutions. JoEllyn is a recognized public speaker and learning facilitator who believes in the power of social learning as a means of cultural change and increasing performance.

A doctoral candidate at University of Pennsylvania/Wharton, her current research on the importance of aligning employees’/employers’ work experience expectations promises to benefit business leaders who appreciate the importance of culture in building sustainable competitive advantage. JoEllyn seeks to combine the theoretical and the practical in an easy to use framework to help business leaders apply these insights in her soon to be released book Mind the (Employer Brand) Gap: keys to aligning workplace expectations to improve performance at every level.

With a range of experiences living and working in Europe, Asia and the Americas over the past 15 years, JoEllyn brings a truly global perspective to her craft. Previous client experiences include organizations such as BFRC, GM Europe, Grupo Maseca, DeBeers, and BUPA to name a few. Her experience with organizations ranging from start-up to mid-sized to large, established ones gives JoEllyn unique insights into the diverse human capital needs associated with different organization types.

In addition to her consulting, executive advisory and teaching, JoEllyn has served as Director of Learning, Executive Education, and Senior Executive Programme at London Business School; Director of Marketing and External Relations for Chicago Booth GSB, Singapore; Manager for Deloitte Consulting; Director of International Partnerships for TicketmasterOnline CitySearch; and, founding team member for online learning start-ups.

JoEllyn has BA’s in French and Foreign Service from Baylor University, an MBA from Chicago Booth, an MSc in Learning from University of Pennsylvania, and expects to complete her doctorate in Learning and Leadership at University of Pennsylvania/Wharton in 2011. She is American, has visited close to 70 countries, and currently lives in London.