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Manon van Hoesel

Rvdb, Managing Director

When I first met Gert-Jan a few years ago at a network dinner, I was impressed by his sharp observations and questions, which really got to the point. For people at the table it felt like he had a quick insight. It made me think about myself, the words I used and gave me a fresh perspective.

So when we asked him to help our company to design and implement our #movingforward change program, my hopes were high. Over time, that hope changed to trust. He really helped us moving forward, by giving insight in the strengths of our culture and how we can use this as a competitive advantage. This resulted in 40 engaged people, ready to change the future immediately. He also gave some great advice for activating our strategy.  We will definitely keep working with Gert-Jan in the future and highly recommend him in our HR network.