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Gerard Milo

Omroep West, CEO

In the spring of 2010 Gerard Milo, CEO of regional broadcaster Omroep West in the Netherlands (audience 1.8 million) participated in the London Business School senior executive program (SEP). As follow-on to this program LBS recommended working with Gert-Jan van Wijk as personal coach to the CEO.

Gert Jan’s involvement led to focussing on further improving the effectiveness of the organizations’ leadership, by developing a number of activities:

  • Board room coaching for the CEO, building on leadership skills developed in the senior executive program;
  • Preparing and coaching one individual management team member for additional high performance people management training at the London Business School;
  •  Bringing together the outcome of the LBS classes into a very successful two-day team development program, and a half-day follow-up.


The net results of these efforts were a clearly better performing management team, where team members had a better understanding of their responsibilities towards each other, towards the organization and were better able to hold their ground in a competitive environment with a dominant CEO.