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Thomas Mulder

Vodafone, Designate to Group HR Director

The process of initiating, planning and executing Leadership Development programs is a journey in itself. Not a luxurious cruise where one can relax on deck, with carefully defined stopovers, a fixed entertainment program and a reliable schedule; A journey where you just need to settle the bill.

It is quite the contrary indeed.  You have to sail your own ship, lock stock and barrel, determine the right course, set sail, keep your people on board, be vigilant to setbacks and remain flexible to change the direction when needed. As it becomes increasingly uncertain which challenges will emerge at the horizon, you should come prepared for everything. You need the right tools, experience and coaching. With The World We Work In on board, I would dare to set sail anywhere and navigate the perfect storm.

The network consists of authentic members, who I consider to be thought leaders in their area: experienced, academic and knowledgeable. A high level of client centricity and trust in the partnership ensure that these valuable capabilities are applied effectively. Furthermore the business model is based on entrepreneurship, development and personal growth, which is reflected in everything that the network delivers. Altogether this helps me to maximize the return on our leadership development efforts. And it makes the delivery energizing and a lot of fun!