Purpose of fear


teal taling-bronskop04In 2015 we have come to realise more than ever before that trust and collaboration are not self evident. During our faculty day we discussed how fear, – in many ways the opposite of trust – is spreading quickly in our society after the recent terror attacks.

So what could be the real purpose of fear? we asked ourselves. However painful it may be, fear challenges us up to develop our free will, our self belief and what we believe in that is beyond ourselves. It allows us to see our sense of purpose and transform the way we operate.

In ‘Reinventing organizations’ Frederic Laloux has articulated a way forward for organizations for the coming decades. Organisations of the future do require that we manage our fears rather than our fears managing us. Those organisations which he refers to with the colour ‘Teal’, have abdicated management completely, trusting individual’s self management and introducing rigorous processes for decision making and conflict management. Not all organisations can and will want to change that radically to become teal organisations. The required mind set change is profound and the demands on each individual are substantial. In the spirit of Spiral Dynamics and the Cultural Transformation Tools, Laloux describes a range of , which will eventually lead to teal: red, amber, orange and green.

The value for our kind of leadership development work is that it shows the key paradigms and required breakthrough’s of each colour organisation. This allows us to exercise our judgement when we consider a piece of work: are we really moving the needle on reinventing this organisation, or are we merely reinforcing the existing system? Then we are back to the notion of fear, because it takes courage to challenge the existing system with good intent and with the aim to make organisations free places where people can express and develop themselves freely, while making the organisation successful.